January Thaw

When you look out my windows this morning, you might as well be looking through a bowl of Vaseline glass…we’re completely socked in with fog and the only sounds are the dripping eaves, screaming gulls and a thunderous surf.  It’s about 62 degrees and I have the picture window beside me wide open to air the house out for a few minutes…I hate to sound cheap but I’m really happy to turn the oil furnace off for a day or two.

I don’t know if it’s been proven scientifically but I think when the surf sprays over the sea walls and high into the air, the atmosphere becomes charged with positive ions in the same fashion as lightening during a thunderstorm.  This weather makes me feel as though I’ve drank just a little too much coffee…but in my own ADD fashion, I accomplished alot yesterday.  I’m signed up for the Governor’s Conference on Tourism for next month in Bangor (this year the feature speak will address understanding demographics…sort of a zip code mining class for dummies), I’ve reserved a room for a knit and spin retreat in Freeport (imagine, a whole town taken over by fiberholics for a snowy February weekend…I love it!), contacted a designer to FINALLY finish my rackcard and logo project, processed the deposit checks that have languished on my desk for longer than I’ll admit in public, updated our listings on several camping websites and did some laundry…oh what a glamorous life I lead 😉

This afternoon I’m tagging along with Steven to Bangor for his dental appointment.  If the electronic store doesn’t let me down, I’ll bring another camera cord home so I can post some pictures of life around here.  Otherwise, Dad heads back to Florida today after spending a couple of weeks in Indiana so I can mail mine back by next week…one way or the other I promise this will become more visually interesting soon.

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