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Luxuriate in 2008…Tatoo this word on your wrist

If life gives you any cause to dance and sing, why would you ever walk and whisper? Obviously little kids understand this…exactly when did we forget?

Luxuriating in life means being as committed to enjoyment and celebration as you are to responsibility and industriousness. Luxuriating doesn’t have to cost any more money- our American lives are already extravagant in so many ways. Luxuriating means taking the time to feel the extravagance that surrounds us and remembering to be thankful for it.

shawl.jpgIs there any proof that those who work hard and deny themselves pleasure finish in a better place? Actually business colleges create studies that prove that happier people are more productive than unhappy people…surprised? Wasn’t it Proust who said the adventure is in the journey, not in the destination? When did letting your soul wander and your spirit flit around become something to hide or a fault to overcome? Will you really be less productive if you set aside time for daydreaming? If you allow your senses to dance and play, will you find it easier to focus and shun television or computer games?

Luxuriating doesn’t mean wasting time or being unproductive. Luxuriating means giving yourself permission to relax and fully enjoy every task as it unfolds…do we always know the difference between monotonous and monumental? Use every one of your six senses every day…now that’s a resolution I can live with!

Happy New Year Everyone! May 2008 surpass your wildest dreams of prosperity, health, peace and happiness.

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