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Harper’s one of the Luckiest Dogs in the World!

elaines-dog.jpgThings are smoothing out here in Florida…thank you everyone who wrote with get well soon wishes. With doctors’ orders firmly in hand to avoid any physical exertion, we’re finding time to soak up the sun and eat grapefruits and oranges straight from the trees in Dad’s back yard. Totally off topic, but if you know anyone interested in a 2 bedroom mobile home in a terrific park in Sarasota Florida, send me an e-mail because the home beside Zaven’s is for sale and it’s as clean, cute and well priced as it could possibly be…they’re asking $20,000 fully furnished…and I can promise you’ll have a great neighbor!

Back to the camping world of Searsport, if you stayed with us this summer, you probably had the pleasure of meeting Elaine from New Hampshire…we were lucky enough to spend most of the season with her, her daughter and pug Moe…he’s the cute face, second from the left. You might remember her husband “Diver Dave” the guy who so generously fills a touch tank for guests when he scuba dives off the beach. This summer Elaine was thinking about getting another dog and we had some fun hunting through the shelter websites looking for the perfect match…Well, we just got the official announcement that they’ve adopted a second pug, Harper, from the Green Mountain rescue league…what a cutie! Congratulations you guys!

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