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It was a great holiday…thanks…but I’m back trying to sort out a phone/Internet problem that should have been simple…but it wasn’t…and now I’m not certain what will happen…during the next couple of weeks

aram.jpgThe long and short of this frustration started innocently on November 16th when a Verizon customer support agent told me she could help bring my phone costs down and streamline our residential, business and wireless phone service. Why wouldn’t I believe her? We canceled the house line (Dad’s the only one who uses this line and he’s in Florida with a cell phone for the winter) shifted the DSL from the House to the business…I thought. I can’t even explain the snarls and knots that have occurred but basically, if you e-mailed us between November 16th and today, don’t assume that I received the e-mail…moreover, our Internet access may be shut down while this is all straightened out and that might take until December 5th…so please don’t think I’m a space cadette or that I don’t care…the truth of the matter is that I’m just another victim of watching and believing the promises Verizon offers…and we don’t have any other options that I can make work right now…


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