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October? and did I mention that I’m queen?

I’m sitting in the shade of a cherry tree looking out at the sailboats on the bay…it’s 82 degrees and I wish I had the gumption to change my jeans for a skirt hours ago…we’re in a record breaking heat wave and I’m loving it…bring on the ice coffee!

Well, it’s official…sound the trumpets please…on Tuesday, Dad and I drove down to the good-queen.jpglawyer’s office in Portland…we signed the paperwork and now I’m queen of the campground!  For years now, every time I wanted to do something that Dad didn’t agree with, he’d tell me that I’d havegood-queen.jpg my chance when I was queen…well, watch out world, I’ve been crowned!

I want more flowers, tree houses as rental cabins, an art studio, and an artist in residence once a month…so I ordered 250 spring bulbs, bought Steven a book on tree houses, started a folder to hold my art studio wish list and consider this an official invitation:  If you’d like to trade a week or two on the ocean in exchange for carving, painting, weaving or ??? let’s talk…I’ll consider anything that makes you happy and makes this beautiful campground more special.

In less self involved news, we received a letter yesterday from the Waterville SPCA.  They used the $475 donation money (from the summer silent auctions) to buy dog food bowls~ something that Director Paula said they needed but hadn’t been able to afford…Thanks again to everyone who participated!

We’re expecting a great Columbus Day weekend so if you’re thinking about coming up (or down) for the weekend, pack your things and come…we have plenty of space and we’ll share a bonfire to celebrate the fall leaves floating on the waves.

2 responses to “October? and did I mention that I’m queen?”

  1. Congrats on your new title. I know that you will be a great queen LOL —
    You were already doing a great job without the title —

  2. Hurrah! For the Queen! I would love to consider some good hard labor in exchange for some r&r at one of the most beautiful places in the kingdom! Not too sure of what my services could be,but have never been known to run away from hard work! If you think of something that needs doing let me know and We can discuss what the job at hand might be. I bet my mother would even tag along!Hail to the Queen and may you know nothing but prosperity and happiness!

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