Just like dieting!

I’m back…the world of preparing for Fiber College, working through Fiber College and then resting from Fiber College absorbed me like juice into a Brawny paper towel.  The College is so exciting and the artists are so great that everything else seems to melt away…I truly didn’t have enough hours in the day to keep up.  (The entire event was a huge success, thank you for wondering…almost 1000 people participated in one way or another) And you know, writing a blog is a little like dieting.  If you fall off the wagon for a few days, suddenly it seems easier and easier to put it off…which is why I’m writing this short note…easing back in so to speak…tomorrow I’ll be back in force but today I think I’ll hide a bit because the sun is shining brightly, things are very quiet around here, Dad’s gone for a few days, Steven’s working and I ought to be spinning.

Talk with you tomorrow,


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