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Sorta Semi-Seasonal Live on PB, Part II by Pat Saunders, site 164

Because of the great e-mails I’ve received in response to Pat’s first posting, I’ve asked her to continue with life as she see’s it.  Right now she’s back in Henrietta NY with Don and her family but this letter just came in the mail.  I’ve divided her posting into more installments so be on the watch for Part III in a couple of days.

As in solving a maze, sometimes it’s easier to begin at the center and move outward. For want of a betterpmossbeachfamily.jpg system, that’s how I’ll proceed.

Although this is our 3rd year at Searsport Shores, it only recently occurred to me that our home base in Maine is very much like an ocean-side Oz…minus the bad witch and her flying monkeys! Everything is so green, both literally and ecologically. There are trees all around, many of them fragrant pines, numerous grassy areas and while I haven’t noticed fields of poppies, a variety of flowering plants pmossgreenstream.jpgwhich attract butterflies and birds, including my favorite, the fascinating hummingbird. The grounds are maintained with a constant awareness of what s most beneficial to nature. In the long run, we too, reap the reward by being responsible caretakers of our earth.

There are accommodations to suit many needs, from RV to tent, including a section set aside exclusively for those who want to leave their vehicle behind in a reserved area and cross a lovely stream via a wooden bridge carrying your camping regalia ( or transporting it with carts provided).pmosscosmos.jpg

Those of you who appreciate shower facilities will find them in the well-cared for, centrally located “comfort station.” The building is handicapped accessible and includes coin-operated washers and dryers. Next door is the campground office which shares the space with the store. Much of what might be needed or wanted is available, from bags of ice to firewood and matches. And it’s definitely kid-friendly with a freezer for ice cream novelties, a supply of small toys for purchase and even individually packaged s’mores fixin’s. Family oriented movies can be rented in both tape and DVD format. Searching for a postcard or an unusual gift item? No problem! Be sure to notice the items hanging from the season and the wall murals…even the floor is a work of art around here. The rec hall is also in the same building. More on that in a bit.

If you’ve come to “Oz by the Sea” towing “munchkins” there are lots of ways to keep them amused. We often see whole families walking or biking around the dirt and gravel roads. There’s a wonderful playground, complete with places to dig, even a “pirate ship” and “tree house” to explore while mom and pmossterrace.jpgdad read a book. For the older bunch, there’s a video arcade, pool table, ping pong and basketball court.

By far, the best place of all to “play” is the beach! You won’t find the soft pink sands of the Caribbean, so you might like to bring water shoes or “crocs.” What you will experience is the “real” Maine. Swim or wade in water that refreshes on the hottest days. If you enjoy canoing or kayaking, bring your own or rent from the campground. The tide pools are great places to investigate what the ebbing sea left behind. We like to roam the shores, eyes downcast, in search of interesting shells, stones or bits of sea glass (AKA “mermaid’s tears”). Sometimes we just wander down to the terrace overlooking the water and do nothing more than watch the changing tide and listen to the birds. (I feel more relaxed just thinking about those times!)

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