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The Day After

p8030079.jpgIt’s been a very busy two weeks…and this morning it feels a bit like the day after Christmas when the whole family has headed home and all you’re left with is great memories and plenty of clean up…I have a habit of embroidering words on bits of used denim and wearing them on my wrist to remind me of things I currently feel are impop8050081.jpgrtant. This week I’m wearing the word luxuriate because as the golden rod start to sway in the fields and along the roadside, I’m constantly reminded that the bubbling energy of the summer is a fleeting moment and I don’t want to miss a minute of it…it’s sort of like weaving a blanket that you know will keep you cozp8050092.jpgy in the winter time…If I were good at making a pun I’d write something about the bees around the goldenrod in the garden but instead, checkout this cutie!

David Delaney from McGill University was back doing his invasive species research and stopped by the campground to give an ocean biology lesson to the 40 or so folks who were at the beach. His work includes marking quadrants on the beach and counting all living creatures withinp8050095.jpg the quadrant and taking measurements on salinity and water temperature to document fluctuations. We’re happy to report that the invasive crabs haven’t made their way to our shores…so for the moment the clams can breath a sigh of relief. Oh, and David assures us that with the vibrancy of life we find on our beaches, we can relax and enjoy the quality of our water…that’s a very nice feeling!

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