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Meet Jumping Jack

A few weeks ago I lost my beloved canine companion Taz.  We were rarely ever apart and when he died of a heart attack I was lost…I saw him everywhere from the corner of my eye.  Like so many people I was certain I didn’t want another dog but Monday everything changed.  It was cold and rainy here and I was in the office feeling blue.  Without any intent of really finding a dog I started searching on petfinders.com…you know, just to see what was out there.  Of course there were so many sad faces and stories that in spite of myself I started calling area shelters and a few rescue leagues.  When one shelter after another told me they had nothing to fit my description I was more relieved than disappointed…but I made one last phone call.

I called the Waterville Humane Society to ask about an older rottweiler they had listed on the website.  Unlike the other shelters I had called, the woman who answered the phone this time actually took the time to listen to my story.  Before I knew what was happening, she was conferencing with the kennel attendants and was thrilled to announce that she had the PERFECT dog for me…now I knew I was in trouble.  There wasn’t a picture on the website but he was a young, male boxer who was terrific with children and other pets.  He loved everyone and wasn’t a barker.  I didn’t want a boxer…I wanted a rottweiler…but who could disappoint Lana, the woman on the phone who cared so much?

So I called Steven at school, had him cancel his scheduled haircut and in the driving rain we were off to Waterville (about an hour from here through very pretty farm country).  As usual, we got there a little bit late because in my haste I forgot the directions but the wonderful people at the shelter were waiting for us…they were late getting home to their families but they let us take time to play with J.J. and Steven was smitten.  I wasn’t so sure.  Yes he was perfect, yes he was more than we could ever expect to find in a shelter, yes he was affectionate…but he didn’t look or act anything like my beloved Taz.

Gary & Linda Bring JJ HomeAccording to shelter rules we needed to wait 24 hours before we could adopt any dog so on the way home we debated and debated…finally we agreed that I was leaning towards irrational and missing a wonderful opportunity…cut to the chase, (pun intended), our friends Gary and Linda drove to the shelter and brought J.J. home to us Tuesday afternoon.  All of my mis-givings have vanished and now I only feel gratitude to the stranger on the phone who convinced me to drive to Waterville.  J.J. is settling in nicely and I’ll keepIt's been a long day you posted on his accomplishments over the summer…for the moment are requirements are very simple:  learning sit, come, stay, no and down (Jumping Jack) can vault shoulder height to a man without twitching a muscle.

On the tourism front I’ve just received the schedule for BridgeFest…the opening celebration for the Penobscot Narrows Bridge.  If you can be here for the June 23rd festivities, you won’t be disappointed.  The schedule is a full page long and includes a Civil War re-enactment, vendors, music, tours of a Coast Guard Cutter, crafts, a Blessing of the Boats, Pipes and Drums march and fireworks.  The festival and the bridge are about 15 minutes from the campground.

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  1. Very nice boxer. In time you will see that he was the best choice of all. I know that all too well because almost 12 years ago when I was looking for a dog I was not looking for a bassett hound and yet LOL I now have three. My oldest dog won over my husband by undoing the laces on his sneakers. At the time I was looking I wanted the light colored labrador. I thought that the breed would be a good companion for my husband when he went hiking. Good luck with your new companion, he is beautiful!!

  2. Joanne, I hope that when you’re in our corner of the world you’ll stop by and meet J.J…we just got back from his vet check and he’s 100% good to go…I hope that he’ll be in his forever home here until his very last breath…he is as sweet as can be.

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