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Glorious Weather

It’s hard to believe that just 2 short weeks ago there were 18 inches of snow on the ground.  Today we were raking around the blooming crocus and cleaning up the old stalks of bee balm (talk about aromatherapy…the scent of bergamot could cure anything). p4180029.jpg

This was the first day that we could really get any landscaping done.  Kaylin and Chris helped me with the area near the stream, Bob and Al helped Steven with re-doing the shower stalls in the bathhouse (a mildew problem in the ceiling). I’m not too proud to say that I know where my leg muscles are this evening…I think I’ll have a glass of wine to help ease the strain 😉

firstbloom.jpgOne of the joys of running this campground are the memories of guests attached to so many little things.  Like today, the first day of the crocus blooms…they were planted by a woman named Georgie from Vermont.  We haven’t seen her in a while but she and her husband were here on a chilly October Clean-up weekend…I had ordered 500 Spring bulbs that year and a few brave ladies got them into the ground. firstbloom2.jpg Basically I had told them the general area and asked that the bulbs be scattered to look as though the flowers had planted themselves.  After lunch on the beach Georgie told me she had planted everything as requested but she took some liberties with a few of the bulbs…I’d have to wait until Spring to see where they went.  Well you know, my heart warms everytime I see those flowers and though we haven’t seen Tom and Georgie in a year or so, I send her the warmest thoughts from my heart for the random act of kindness she bestowed that day.

This last photo was taken standing at the picnic table on site 2.  So many folks wondersite2view.jpg what their view will be like when they book a site that I’ve decided to keep the camera with me and  shoot various sites for these postings.  Anytime you book a site for a minimum of a week, I can assign a specific campsite when we make the reservation so this might help when we’re talking on the phone.  For stays of less than a week, I can only book a general area (silver, bronze, shady or sunny)  because the reservation book is kind of like a jig-saw puzzle, everything shifts until everyone’s reservation fits neatly into the sites…I’m proud to say that I’ve only double booked one site in 15 years…but I’m still sure that was a computer error!

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