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Back to Paradise

It’s good to be home but you know, the body simply isn’t made to be walking on white sandy beaches one day and crunching through icy snow the next. But at least my tan looks better in Maine than it did in Florida!


This is a picture taken from the bathhouse this morning. The sky couldn’t be bluer and the Bay sparkled but if I could give you a sound track, you’d hear howling winds roaring through the pine trees…a perfect excuse not to go outside today…and make a good put of spaghetti for later on.

When I was booking my plane ticket between here and Sarasota Florida, I used www.kayak.com and found out I could save an extra $100.00 if I was willing to fly out of Bangor and fly into Rockland when I came home. Both airports are about 45 minutes away so I didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the deal. The US Air Flights were all great but the highlight was flying into the Rockland Regional Airport. We arrived in a 14 passenger propeller plane and landed in front of a tiny, white modular building…the terminal. The service was excellent, the co-pilot loaded and unload our bags (there were 4 other passengers) and baggage claim was a shoveled spot in the parking lot…marked with a painted rock. I imagine that my experience isn’t any different than some else’s in the 1950’s.

On the way home we stopped in Camden at Cappy’s for a beer and onion rings. You know its off-season when EVERYONE is wearing Bean Boots and the waitress is serving her husband and toddler at the table next door. Real life up here in the Eastern North does not resemble the Alaskan life they show in “Men in Trees.” No low cut shirts around here. And who thinks about putting on Mascara to have a beer with friends in February?

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  1. Beautiful view. Why can’t my bathhouse have a view like that? Oh right, I live in downtown LA. The best view I’d get from my “bathhouse” would be the hallway. 🙁

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